2- Breathing exercise to free your tensions and be ready to sleep like a baby

Are you feeling stiff / tight in your body? Thinking a simple breathing exercise, to sleep like a baby, might help?

You’ve got this! Just practice this simple breathing exercise, before going to sleep, on the floor or in your bed!

Breathe, listen to the ground and 


What is breathing?

Here is a little reminder of breathing. This is the first movement happening in your body, without you having to think about it. And breath is the first ultimate tool to start freeing any tension or state you are having trouble with.

When you inhale

inhalation yoga anatomy
  1. Your lungs are getting bigger. 
  2. They push your diaphragm, the breath muscle, down. 
  3. The diaphragm pushes your organs. 
  4. Your belly is going out, getting filled with your organs.

When you exhale

exhalation yoga anatmony
  1. Your lungs are getting smaller. 
  2. Your diaphragme relaxes. 
  3. The organs come back in.
  4. Your belly is going back in.
coeur yoga anatomie

When you breathe in, oxygen is transfered from your lungs, to the tiny alveolies, to your blood. This is then sent to your heart. 

After this, the hearts contracts and send the oxygen-rich blood through your arteries, to your limbs, and to your brain. This is like the first food for your body!!!

blood circulation yoga

And then, the blood goes to your tissues through your capillaries (tiny blood vessels) and comes back to your heart with your veins. This is then sent to your lungs so when you exhale, you can let go of your wastes!

In this practice, you will be able to use the ground to really let go of your tensions when you exhale. Exhalation is so great to release the body wastes, the old air leaving your lungs. Then you have even more space to inhale!

Practice 1: Lie down and discover your ribbcage with self-touch
Sleeping breath

First, you want to lie down in semi-supine and have a sense of your own ribcage, protecting your lungs. 

  • Start to touch your ribs, being very curious about their shape, sensing the bones, body tissues and fat.
  • You can move your hands very high, to your clavicles. Do you realise that your lungs go that high in your body?
  • Then, you can also go very low, especially on the sides. You can touch your floating ribs.

While you are touching your ribbcage with your hands, have a sense that your ribbcage is also touching the floor!

Practice 2: Listen to your breathing and use it.
yoga to sleep

1- Now, you can let go of your hands and become familiar with your own rhythm. Just notice the passage of the air, through your nostrils, your trachea, down your lungs. Notice the air leaving your body. 

2- Simply bringing attention to your breathing might already slow it down. Notice it, and maybe gently increase the slowing down. 

3- When you inhale, have a sense of your whole body breathing in, spreading and opening to the air. 

4- When you exhale, really use the support of the ground to let go of any tension, anything you want to let go off.

After a few breaths, gently turn on your side, and prepare for your night. This exercise might help you to sleep like a baby!

Enjoy and keep moving!

Do you feel freer? Don’t hesitate to let me know! 

Breath, alongside with a gentle movement practice, is the best to get rid of tensions. So keep breathing and keep moving!

And always love your body in the process.

Thank you for staying with me, you can always book your private gentle yoga class here!

2- Breathing exercise to free your tensions and be ready to sleep like a baby
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