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Are you feeling stiff / tight in your body? Would you like to breathe easily without thinking about it?

This video is for you! This is the simplest exercise that anyone can practice anywhere, to free your breath and tensions while having 


What is breathing? QUICK REMINDER

We want to allow this first movement to happen easily in our body, without having to think about it. Breath is definitely a great tool to start freeing any tension, or any trapped emotion.

When you inhale

inhalation yoga anatomy
  1. Your lungs are getting bigger. 
  2. They push your diaphragm, the breath muscle, down. 
  3. The diaphragm pushes your organs. 
  4. Your belly is going out, getting filled with your organs.

When you exhale

exhalation yoga anatmony
  1. Your lungs are getting smaller. 
  2. Your diaphragm relaxes. 
  3. The organs come back in.
  4. Your belly is going back in.
blood circulation yoga

When you inhale, your lungs get filled with fresh air -> oxygen passes in your blood through tiny alveoli -> your heart sends blood filled with oxygen to your limbs and brain.

When you exhale, oxygen-poor blood is coming back to your heart -> then to your lungs -> then leaves your body.


In this practice, you will be able to free your breathing without even thinking about breathing! Just have fun, and enjoy.

Practice 1: Sit down and let your fingers drop to your skull
fun exercise to free the breath

Just start tapping your skull, letting your fingers fall. It must feel like a heavy raindrop. Use as much weight as you want – stay where things are comfortable.

  • Start with the top of your head.
  • Then go to the back (we tend to forget the back of our body).
  • Spend some time around the ears – this is about where the skull meets the spine.

This is great to wake up the bones of your skull. 

Practice 2: Gently tap the bones of your face
fun yoga exercise breathing

Keep tapping (gently!) the bones of your face. Don’t forget the…

  • forehead
  • temples
  • around the eyes (not on the eyes!!!)
  • nose
  • cheek bones
  • around the mouth 
  • jaw (which is a bone separated from the rest of the skull)

Practice 3: Finish with your sternum and ribs

gentle yoga for seniors

You can finish with tapping (maybe with slightly more energy than your face – that you did not want to crush!):

  • your sternum, the bone in the middle of your ribbcage. This bone protects your heart, and we can have a lot of tensions there!
  • your ribs
  • your abdomen gently (it’s a bit more floppy than your bones)

Then just let it go. Enjoy the resonance. Can you feel that your breathing is easier and freer?

This exercise allows you to free your breathing and tensions without having to do big efforts. And it's fun!!!

Enjoy and keep moving!

Do you feel freer? Don’t hesitate to let me know! 

Breath, alongside with a gentle movement practice, is the best to get rid of tensions. So keep breathing and keep moving!

And always love your body in the process.

Thank you for staying with me, you can always book your private gentle yoga class here!

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