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Private yoga in London:

Feel good and free your body.

Who is more important than your body in your life?

If you want to :

1- make peace with your body 

2- feel good in your own skin 

3- invest in your health 

Yoga-private-class London

Who can do yoga? What happens in a yoga class?

Why is yoga so good for the body?

Yoga helps you releasing your tensions, to feel calm and free within your body. It can also help with:

gentle yoga




strength and immune system

flexibility and joints mobility

How much is a yoga session?

Which is better, in person or online?

  • With a class « in person », I can help you to feel your body, with gentle hands on work. It is also easier for you to see the movements and poses. 
  • « Online » works well, too. It gives you agency, as you learn to listen to your own sensations. It is also convenient: you can also practice from anywhere in the world! 

Here are the favorite exercise and tip of the season :

Drop an email or call me for any question.

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