Body Mind Co


Our body is our companion for life.

Why not getting to know and understand it better day after day?

How can we fully connect to our body?

 And how can we love it?

Do you feel disconnected to your body? 

Do you want to start breathing properly, reduce your stress? 

Or, do you simply want to take care of your health, strength and flexibility?

If you think you can’t do yoga, let me prove you wrong!

Anyone can do yoga, if they take time to listen to how their body feels.

I teach yoga in a very gentle way, to allow the body to open and breath.

Try a hatha yoga class designed for your age, your needs, and learn to feel your body.

Alongside a daily yoga practice, I keep learning about the body through dance.

I am particularly interested in somatic practices and improvisation.

You can have a look at the dance works here.

Don’t get missed out.​

Not sure you want to join?

Have a look at the YouTube podcast, or try a class for free. 

For any question, you can contact me here.

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