Eline Pérès

My name is Eline Pérès, I am a yoga teacher and a dance artist (click here for Instagram) based in London. Everyday, I explore and re-discover my body through yoga, ballet and dance improvisation. 

During my dance training, I was trying to control my body and physical appearance. It was a constant battle against my body, which was never good enough. Getting close to burnout, I discovered through craniosacral therapy sessions that my body was much more intelligent than I thought.

So, I decided to drop these ideals, to stop looking for the “perfect body”, and stop trying to control it – as if it was an object! I dived into the world of sensations with somatic practices, meditation and yoga. Slowly, my tensions went away. My body became longer, more flexible, but the best part : I started to feel REALLY GOOD, to feel pleasure, freedom, and love my body.

This is what I want for you : to slowly undo your daily tensions, discover new sensations, and love your body as you are, without judgement.

I am looking forward to hear your story, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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