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Do you struggle to breath? Wanting to discover or be reminded about the yogic breath?

This video is for you! Discover or re-discover the 


I keep repeating it, but it's important: here is what happens when you breathe.

Breath helps to start freeing any tension, or any trapped emotion.

When you inhale

inhalation yoga anatomy
  1. Your lungs are getting bigger. 
  2. They push your diaphragm, the breath muscle, down. 
  3. The diaphragm pushes your organs. 
  4. Your belly is going out, getting filled with your organs.

When you exhale

exhalation yoga anatmony
  1. Your lungs are getting smaller. 
  2. Your diaphragm relaxes. 
  3. The organs come back in.
  4. Your belly is going back in.
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You can breath : 

  • in your upper body, moving your shoulders 
  • widening and narrowing your ribcage
  • down in your abdomen, filling your belly 

Abdominal breathing is the best way to breathe, as you allow the diaphragm to move, and massage the organs. 

Even better than abdominal breathing: in yoga, we combine the three ways, and this practice is called a full yogic breath. Just try it, and have fun.

Practice 1: Notice your breathing
yoga for seniors

At first, just start to notice your own breathing. Don’t try to change anything, just ask yourself:

  • Am I breathing more in my upper body? 
  • Do I allow my ribcage to move with my breath? 
  • Am I breathing down, filling my abdomen with my organs? 
  • How is my breathing rhythm?

Just bringing attention there might already slow your breathing down!

Practice 2: Only breathe through your nose
breathing in yoga

Now, try to breathe only through your nose. It might be difficult if you are not used to it! Don’t worry, just try to inhale through your nose, and exhale slowly through your nose. This will allow you to control the air coming in and leaving your body.

Practice 3: Practice full yogic breaths

full yogic breath

When you are comfortable, you can start the full yogic breathing. For this, you can :

  • breathe in filling your abdomen, opening your ribs, up to your collarbones
  • breathe out taking the time to let go of any waste or tension you want to let go off

Keep breathing slowly, counting up to 3 when you inhale, and up to 6 when you exhale.

Here you go: free breathing, free body!

Enjoy and keep moving!

Do you feel better? Don’t hesitate to let me know! 

Breath, alongside with a gentle movement practice, is the best to get rid of tensions. So keep breathing and keep moving!

And always love your body in the process.

Thank you for staying with me, you can always book your private gentle yoga class here!

4- How to breathe in yoga? Full yogic breath reminder!
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