Your gentle private yoga

before, during, after your menopause

Looking to relieve your tensions, feel good and comfortable in your body and its changes with the menopause?

Yoga menopause London

 This 1 hour private class is perfectly designed for your body and your needs. You will feel freer and calmer, after moving slowly and listening to your sensations and breath. One session can help you with your:

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The sessions are designed for women before, during and after the menopause.

menopause body

If you think you can't do yoga, let me prove you wrong!

Book your private session now to feel light and free!

What happens in a yoga class? And what are the benefits?

How much is a yoga session?

Online with Zoom

In person in London at YOUR PLACE (zone 1-2)

How can I book my private class?

It’s very simple: let me know what time would work for you, and send an email at to book your class.

Not sure menopause yoga is for you? That’s fine, you can…

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