how to ground yourself

Do you feel uncomfortable standing? Getting pain in your body? You are probably not very grounded.

This video is for you! Let’s discover our feet and GROUND


The problem: the shoes we wear tend to change our feet's shape.

Indeed! Let’s have a closer look with…

a little bit of anatomy
feel the ground feet

Our feet have 2 main functions :

    • They receive the body’s weight and adapt to the floor surface
    • They allow the rolling of the feet when we walk

That’s why they are both resistant and flexible.

They are made of:

26 bones + 31 joints + 20 muscles

Bones of the human foot

The ankle is the joint where the two carve bones, the tibia and the fibula, join the talus and the calcaneus.

The tibia and fibula meet the talus like a wrench. We can touch the ends (the bony parts on each side).

We want to imagine the calcaneus falling down and sliding back, to have some space in this ankle. And that’s what we are going to do with this little exercise!

Step 1: Lie down and put your feet on a wall / a glassy surface
feet yoga for seniors

You want to be bare feet and have your knees above your hips – take time to adjust.

Step 2: Sense the contact of your feet with the surface you’re on 

grounding exercise gentle yoga
  • You can play with pushing, more and less. 
  • Focus on your toes, spreading and being in conversation with the wall.
  • Sense then your heel bones falling down with gravity.
  • Think about the space in your ankles, knees, hips so the upper body can also start to get freer.

Stay as long as you need, and enjoy!

At the end, take your time to land your feet on the ground, gently roll to your side.

Enjoy and keep moving!

Do you feel better? Don’t hesitate to let me know! 

It is so important to get grounded.

And always love your body in the process.

Thank you for staying with me, you can always book your private gentle yoga class here!

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5- How to ground yourself and free your feet
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