1- Simple breathing exercise to free your body in less than 5 minutes!

Are you feeling stiff / tight in your body?

Here is the good new: there is a very simple exercise you can practice right now, anywhere, to free these tensions.

And the best: you are probably doing it, right now, without thinking. It is called


What is breathing?

Breathing is the first movement happening in your body. Luckily, you don’t have to think about it, you are already breathing right now. I hope!!!

When you inhale

inhalation yoga anatomy
  1. Your lungs are getting bigger. 
  2. They push your diaphragm, the breath muscle, down. 
  3. The diaphragm pushes your organs. 
  4. Your belly is going out, getting filled with your organs.

When you exhale

exhalation yoga anatmony
  1. Your lungs are getting smaller. 
  2. Your diaphragme relaxes. 
  3. The organs come back in.
  4. Your belly is going back in.

This movement is already really good for the body. It moves things around, and of course distributes oxygen to your limbs, your brain. Breathing also massages your whole digestive system and your heart! 

What you want to do is to free your breathing, so when you inhale you create space in your body, and when you exhale you free your tensions and remove the wastes.

Practice 1: Listen to your breathing
easy breathing exercise

What you want to do first, especially if yoga is new for you, is gently bring attention to your breathing. 

  • You can sit down anywhere, making yourself comfortable. It can be on a cushion, on your sofa, or anywhere else, really. 
  • Start closing your eyes and notice your breathing. Don’t judge or try to change it, just listen. 
  • Keep following the movement of your breath. Sense the air coming in, your ribcage opening. Follow the air going out and leaving your body.
Practice 2: Slow your breathing down

Once you are familiar with your own rhythm, try to slow your breathing down. It might happen naturally, as you rest your attention there. Don’t force anything, it has to remaine comfortable. 

  • You can start counting to 3 for each inhalation and each exhalation. 
  • Then, you can count 3 for one exhalation, and 4 for one exhalation. 
  • After this, you can gradually go up to 3 for one inhalation and 6 for one exhalation.
breathe easily yoga
yoga for stiffness

Enjoy and keep moving!

Do you feel freer? Don’t hesitate to let me know! 

Breath, alongside with a gentle movement practice, is the best to get rid of tensions. So keep breathing and keep moving!

And always love your body in the process.

Thank you for staying with me, you can always book your private gentle yoga class here!

1- Simple breathing exercise to free your body in less than 5 minutes!
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