Yoga #7 : Paschimottanasana – the seated forward bend

This video introduces the yoga seated forward bend pose.

What are the yoga seated forward bend benefits?

This pose, paschimottanasana, is very good for:

  • Massaging the organs. This stimulates digestion and prevents constipation!
  • Stretching the body from toes to head.
  • Calming down the nervous system.

Careful! As usual, try to breath in the pose. Listen to your body carefully. It is okay to be slightly uncomfortable. However, do not push beyond your limits.

How to go into the seated forward bend pose?

Stretch your legs in front of you, feet together, toes towards the sky. Remove the flesh underneath your sit bones. Try to make as much space as possible in your lower back.

Inhale and send your arms forwards and up. Make space between each vertebra.

Then, exhale and go far forward. Put your hands on your ties, knees, chins or toes. Whatever feels more comfortable.

Just relax in the posture. Breathe deeply. When you inhale try to create more space in your body, in your spine. When you exhale, release extra tension. Arms, shoulders and head are relaxed. Each breath, the pose becomes more comfortable, and easier.

This is a pose to let go. Allow the gravity to ground your body. Breathe deeply.

When ready, inhale and feel your hands sliding on your legs. They help you to bring your upper body back up.

To do the counterpose, put your hands next to your pelvis, fingers facing the back. Inhale and open your chest, push with your hands and lift your pelvis (optional). Feet are grounded. Don’t force it if it does not feel comfortable. Then gently put your pelvis back down.

You can return to Savasana, the relaxation pose, to breathe and enjoy the seated forward bend’s benefits!

To learn more about yoga and start your practice, have a look at Body Mind Co videos on Youtube, or book your yoga session.

Yoga #7 : Paschimottanasana – the seated forward bend
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