Yoga #6 : Matsyasana – the fish

This video introduces the yoga fish pose.

What are the fish benefits?

This pose, Matsyansana, is very good for:

  • Opening the shoulders
  • Augmenting the lungs’ capacity. It is then easier to breathe fully, sending dioxygen’s to every cell in the body, and rejecting waste and CO2.
  • Emotions

Careful! If you don’t feel comfortable at all in this pose, try to breathe and do not stay too long.

How to go into the yoga fish pose?

Lying on your back, put your feet on the ground, knees up. First, push with your feet to lift your pelvis as high as you can. Grab your thumbs to bring your arms closer together. You can shift your weight from one shoulder to the other to bring your arms even closer. Arms are as straight as possible. Bring your pelvis down, lengthen your legs. The legs are lengthened and touching each other, but remain relaxed.

Then, inhale to create more space within your body. Exhale to release extra tensions, maybe in your shoulders or legs.

Inhale and lift your head, looking forward. Push with your lower arms to lift and open the chest. Put the top of your head on the ground. All the weight needs to be on your arm, and no weight on the head!!!!

Breathe deeply. When you inhale, feel the chest and ribcage opening to the sky. When you exhale, try to feel more comfortable in the posture. Legs are relaxed. Breathe deeper and deeper.

After a moment (don’t stay too long), push with your arms. Look to the front to lift your head. Then put your upper body back down.

To do the counterpose, open your legs slightly, and your arms. Interlace your fingers, and put all the weight of your head in your hands. Elbow facing the sky, lift your head. Turn your skull gently from one side to the other. Then, put your head back down.

You can return to Savasana, the relaxation pose, to breathe and enjoy the fish’s benefits!

To learn more about yoga and start your practice, have a look at Body Mind Co videos on Youtube, or book your yoga session.

Yoga #6 : Matsyasana – the fish
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