Yoga #18 : Ways of lying down during your relaxation break

This video introduces different ways of lying down during a relaxation break.

Why taking a relaxation break?

We spend so much time in front of computers, screens, often sitting without taking care of our posture. 

This is why taking 2 minutes to lie down in the middle of the day can be a relief for our body and mind. We can just stay, breathe, and bring attention to our body in these poses.

Relaxation poses

First, you can imply lie down in Savasana. Your legs can rest wider than your pelvis, and your arms palms facing up. Take time to breathe, and relax.


If you have lower back issue, or if this pose does not feel comfortable, no worries! You can bend your knees and rest in semi supine. Have your feet maybe a tiny bit wider than your pelvis, and your knees resting a tiny bit inside. Allow your thighs to fall into your hips.

semi supine

If you want to relieve your neck, you can also put a book underneath your skull. This is inspired from Alexander technique. Do not put something too thick though. And enjoy!

Alexander technique

If you feel like lying down on your belly, this is another possibility! Just create a cushion with your hands, and rest your head to one side. Swap side when you want !

relaxation lying down

Finally, this is one of my favourite: lying down on your side! You can really be playfull with cushions and pillows there. Bring one underneath your knee, others underneath your head… And enjoy, breathe, relax!

lying down relax

Keep breathing deeply

Keep breathing in your everyday life. It is so important, especially these days!

Finding this fun?

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Yoga #18 : Ways of lying down during your relaxation break
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