Dance #1 : Dancing like a pop star

Do you feel tired and low-energy? This video introduces a simple exercise to shake it out : dancing like a pop star.

Why dancing?

It has been a long year. CoVID, lockdowns… people are getting tired. You might be getting tired, and fustrated. This energy gets stuck in the body… It is now time to shake it out. 

The goal is to move without any trace of judgement. Don’t expect anything, please don’t try to look good. Just do it. It is about feeling good and letting go!

Dancing like a pop star

There is NO age restriction, or -whether you are a “good dancer” or not- restriction. It is really about letting go as you wish. Therefore, you can practice this exercise: 

  • standing up and moving in your room or space.
  • sitting down, if you cannot stand for any reason. Just enjoy your time!

Of course, please take care of your own body and surroundings so you make sure that you don’t hurt yourself.

If you have some, you can put earphones or headphones so you are really into the music. Choose your favourite song of the moment, it doesn’t matter which one. 

And then : dance. 

This is not a place for trying to do well or judging yourself. Dance as if it was your last dance. You really want to enjoy this moment; this is your moment!

Eline Peres Alisha Stanley

Keep moving

Movement is so important. Even if it is walking around or within your home. Movement is a way to help your body moving the tensions around.

Finding this fun?

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Dance #1 : Dancing like a pop star
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