Grandma Yoga #1: What what what?

Do you feel as stiff as a grandma? Me too! This video introduces Grandma Yoga: the idea that you don’t have to be young and flexible to do yoga.

Why "Grandma Yoga"?

I hear soooo many people telling me that they can’t do yoga. When I ask why, they tell me : 

  • I am not flexible. 
  • I am too old. (Even at 24!!!!)
  • I am in pain / injured. 

This makes me sad. Indeed, it’s better not to do a yoga that is too dynamic, or go to a class full of people where you might not feel comfortable. But there are so many forms of very gentle yoga, which might benefit you.

When I was studying dance, I was one of the least flexible. I was sometimes feeling pain during a whole class! But that is how I discovered another world: a world of somatic practices and gentle yoga to open the body.

Yoga for Grandma

So if you feel like a grandma, like me, here are some gentle poses you might be able to do in 5 minutes: 

1- Lying down feeling the weight of your body  

Grandma yoga practice

2- Lying down in Alexander technique mode

Grandma yoga Alexander technique

3- Relaxing your legs 

Grandma yoga breathing

4- Lying on your belly

Feeling tired

5- On your side

On the side

6- Breathing in child’s pose


7- Sitting on a cushion on your heels

Keep moving

Movement is so important. Even if it is walking around or within your home. Movement is a way to help your body moving the tensions around.

Finding this fun?

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Grandma Yoga #1: What what what?
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