Yoga #17 : Heart and breath

This video introduces the heart and breath.

Heart and oxygen

During classes with Eva Karczag and Amy Voris, we were introduced to some useful images of the heart. 

The heart helps oxygen to get distributed to the body. 

When we inhale, our lungs inflate and oxygen goes to the blood through the alvioli. The heart acts then like a pump, pushing and sending the blood to the body, the limbs. Poor oxygenated blood comes back to the heart and the wastes are expelled with exhalation. 

It can be very useful to have this mental image of the big lungs, the diaphragm and the heart, while breathing. 

Breathing with awareness of the heart

Body Mind Co 2021

Take your time to lie down, maybe having the knees bent and the feet on the ground.

Then, close your eyes and simply bring your hands to your chest. Notice your breathing, without trying to change it. The air comes in your body through your nostrils, your trachea… And it fills your lungs. After the inhalation, the air leaves your body, rejecting the wastes, when you exhale. 

What do you notice? Can you imagine your heart beating? Pushing and sending the blood to feed your body? 

Don’t expect of judge anything, just notice your sensations.

Keep breathing deeply

Keep breathing in your everyday life. It is so important, especially these days!

Finding this fun?

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Yoga #17 : Heart and breath
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