Yoga #15 : Grounding exercise

This video a gentle and easy grounding exercise.

To start grounding...

You can lie down on your back. Take time to make yourself comfortable. You can also practice this in your bed, before sleeping!

If you are on the floor, bend your knees and put your feet down. Take time to notice your body meeting the ground, and get heavier.

... keep grounding with this exercise...


Gently bring your hands on your pelvis. Allow them to just rest, and notice this contact. What is the texture like? The temperature? With this self-touch, allow your pelvis to ground and maybe become wider. Can you sense the space within? Also the space for your organs?

Then, rest your hands on your abdomen. Again, simply take time to notice. Allow your abdomen to rest. 

Move your hand to your ribcage. You can here imagine your heart, your lungs. Allow them to take up the space, and sense your breathing. 

Your can then gently touch around your clavicles. Can you sense the bones? Just be playful with it!

You can then move your fingers around your neck, and put your hands underneath your skull. Enjoy holding your skull, and relax your brain. 

To finish with, gently touch your face with an open curiosity. Can you feel this beautiful landscape?

And resonate with the touch

Just stay present, with your sensations. Feel the echo of your touch. Sense your whole body responding, grounding, and breathing. 


Finding this fun?

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Yoga #15 : Grounding exercise
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