Yoga #13 : Nutrition – when to eat?

This video introduces principles about when to eat, inspired from nutrition in yoga.

What is yoga again?

Nutrition in yoga, yes, but what is yoga again? Do you remember?

Yoga means “union” in Sanskrit. It is a philosophy. This way of life has existed for 5000 years!

Yoga includes 5 principles:

– First principle: proper exercise (asanas)

– Second principle: proper breathing (pranayama)

– Third principle: proper relaxation (savasana)

– Fourth principle: proper eating (vegetarian diet)

– Fifth principle: meditation (dhyana) and positive thinking (vedanta)

So nutrition is one of the five yoga principles. And therefore is as much important as the physical exercise, or meditation.

When to eat?

We have discussed what to eat, how… Now, let’s have a look at the when. This is inspired from the yogic diet, as I learned during my training.

  • First, if you can, don’t eat breakfast. This can feel hard, or impossible for some of you. But if you avoid breakfast, you can feel so much energy. Indeed, energy is not wasted during digestion! And also, this is the best if you practice yoga in the mornings.
  • Then, you can have a big lunch. Of course, don’t eat too much! But I enjoy making a big salad. I feel that this helps me to have all the vitamins and minerals, and the good fat that I need. And then, I don’t feel hungry. 
  • If you can again, don’t snack in between. Especially not sugar! Otherwise you will feel energised for a bit, and then sense a crash. You might feel tired, hungry, angry… not ideal! If you need a snack, this is the time for fruits. We digest fruits much faster than the rest. As a consequence, it is always better to have them before or in-between meals. 
  • Finally, have a good but light dinner. And avoid sugar puddings or snacks after!

Again, get inspired, and listen to your needs!

These principles can really help to feel more energy, less tiredness. But again, listen to your own body!

You might have very different needs from your neighbour. It alwas depends on your body and metabolism. 

Take time to listen to your signal or hunger. And don’t get confused with sugar cravings!

To learn more about yoga and start your practice, have a look at Body Mind Co videos on Youtube, or book your yoga session.

Yoga #13 : Nutrition – when to eat?
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