Yoga #12 : Nutrition – how to eat?

This video introduces principles about how to eat, inspired from nutrition in yoga.

What is yoga again?

Nutrition in yoga, yes, but what is yoga again? Do you remember?

Yoga means “union” in Sanskrit. It is a philosophy. This way of life has existed for 5000 years!

Yoga includes 5 principles:

– First principle: proper exercise (asanas)

– Second principle: proper breathing (pranayama)

– Third principle: proper relaxation (savasana)

– Fourth principle: proper eating (vegetarian diet)

– Fifth principle: meditation (dhyana) and positive thinking (vedanta)

So nutrition is one of the five yoga principles. And therefore is as much important as the physical exercise, or meditation.

How to eat?

The how is very, very important. 

  • When you eat, just… eat. Don’t do anything else! No TV, no screen, not too much talking, no walking… Just sit down, and eat. Full point. 
  • When you eat, chew. During my yoga training, ayurvedic doctors explained to us that it was important to chew at least 35 times. Try to count, that’s a lot! But the idea is that digestion starts in the mouth. Saliva is packed with enzymes. So the more you chew, the better you digest!
  • Finally, taste. Use your perception to absorb the food. You can also look at it, listen to the cooking, smell it, touch it… And really taste it. Really sense de flavours and enjoy!

Why do you want to take care of your way of eating?

If you really take time to taste your food, you will want to eat fresher food. This will happen naturally! You won’t even have to force it. So, you will choose what you eat more carefully. 

This will also have a big impact on your digestion. It will change how you feel after a meal. You may feel less tired!

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Yoga #12 : Nutrition – how to eat?
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