Yoga #11 : Nutrition – introduction

This video introduces nutrition in yoga.

What is yoga again?

Nutrition in yoga, yes, but what is yoga again? Do you remember?

Yoga means “union” in Sanskrit. It is a philosophy. This way of life has existed for 5000 years!

Yoga includes 5 principles:

– First principle: proper exercise (asanas)

– Second principle: proper breathing (pranayama)

– Third principle: proper relaxation (savasana)

– Fourth principle: proper eating (vegetarian diet)

– Fifth principle: meditation (dhyana) and positive thinking (vedanta)

So nutrition is one of the five yoga principles. And therefore is as much important as the physical exercise, or meditation.

Nutrition in yoga - the yogic diet

In yoga, there are 3 diet principles:

1. In yoga, don’t eat tamasic food. What is tamasic food? This includes processed food, meat, fish, sugar, but also alcohol.

2. Don’t eat rajastic food. This food excites your body. Indeed, no onion, spices, egg, coffee. And not tea! Apart from herbal tea, which is also very good to keep your body hydrated. 

What can we eat then? 

3. Only eat sattvic food. There you can first eat a lot of whole grain cereals. Then, pulses, nuts, seeds, milk product. After that, vegetables. And a bit of fruits. To finish, a tiny bit of fat, such as olive oil.

Get inspired

This diet is strict. 

Rather than trying to get is perfectly and panic, just get inspired. What can you reduce in your diet? Can you have more whole grain cereals? Add a bit of vegetables and fruits? And, maybe you can reduce your alcohol or coffee intake. 

This can be an amazing diet when you feel sick or ill as well. 

And of course, there is also the when, and how to eat. Which can be as much, if not more important! This is going to be developped in the next videos, so be ready!

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Yoga #11 : Nutrition – introduction
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