Yoga #14 : Why is it important to move?

This video introduces why it is so important to move.

Movement and freedom of the joints

In this video, I am introducing Olga, my skeleton friend. She is going to help us to understand our anatomy, our structure. It is always good to have a 3D representation!

Because we tend to forget how we are “built”. Or, we don’t know our body so well! As a dancer and yoga teacher, I am sometimes surprised about how little I know about my body.

With Olga, we can see the freedom of our joints. Because we have many joints, especially in the arms and legs. We have joints at the ends of our clavicules, shoulder joints, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles… And therefore the space to move freely and easily!

However, we forget about this freedom. We focus on how tense our body is, and picture legs and arms as “blocks” or like sausages.

Why is it important to move?

This is why it is important to move. This allows our body to regain some freedom, and space within those joints. 

With movement, we also allow the fluids to circulate, and very important: we learn about our body, and we learn to love the body. 

This is why it is so important to start a movement practice. 

Start moving in... any way!

You might have very different needs from your neighbour. Some people want or need to move a lot, for others it might be challenging… Again, you have the freedom to choose any movement practice adapted to your body. 

Gentle and slow movements are best to get to ease your body. Somatic practices, or gentle yoga is great for that. Walking or swimming works well. But any practice, if there is awareness during movements, can be life changing!

To learn more about yoga and start your practice, have a look at Body Mind Co videos on Youtube, or book your yoga session.

Yoga #14 : Why is it important to move?
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