Positive thinking #10 : Emotions – Emotional weather

This video introduces a new positive thinking concept: the emotional weather.

Ah, dear emotions...

I think it is so important to speak about emotions in the actual situation, with the CoVID19. Many people feel lonely, sad, depressed… And might judge themselves for feeling this way. 

Especially in our societies, as children, we can be told to stop crying, that it’s going to be ok, or to avoid showing signs of anger, frustration… As a result, we think we should be happy all the time. And when we don’t, we simply don’t understand why.

3 ways to react to emotions

  1. Resistance. Do you resist your emotions? Sometimes, we do not want to feel the way you feel. We want to be happy all the time. So, when we feel anger, frustration… We just resist it. We try not to feel it, to look strong. 
  2. Avoidance. Do you avoid your emotions? This is another cheeky way to deal with them. Here, you don’t resist them in an obvious way, but you avoid, using false pleasure. It can be with food, alcohol, any drug, work… anything you use in order to feel better. The issue is, you might feel better right after, but then… You crash again. 
  3. Accept and welcome any emotion, as you accept the weather.

What is the emotional weather?

It is just about seeing emotions as you see… the weather. 

One do not argue with the weather. Sometimes, it is sunny, but sometimes it might be cloudy, even raining… or a big storm ! And we cannot change it. We can complain, but we just have to deal with it. And it feels so much easier to just accept it, or even welcome it. 

Can you accept and welcome your emotions as you do for the weather? What if you could be curious, and listen to the physical sensation? Ask your body what emotion it feels, right now?

The goal is to welcome any emotion. When it is stormy, can you look at the storm from a warmer place inside? Let me know!

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Positive thinking #10 : Emotions – Emotional weather
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