Meditation #4 : When meditate?

When meditate? This video explains when is it so important to meditate.

It is good to meditate every day, if possible. Meditation has many benefits, as you can check in this previous video! However, many people struggle to find time and space to start a daily meditation practice. Then, when meditate? I mean, when would it be very important to practice? Well, meditation is the best action to do when you… don’t want to. Let’s have a look.

Stuck underwater

Sometimes, if not all of the time, we have so many things to do. The idea of stopping for a moment feels unbearable! Everything is going so fast. We also tend to be overstimulated with information.

It is as if we were stuck underwater. Such a situation is unlikely to happen, but imagine. We keep swimming there, again and again. It feels like we cannot stop! We have to keep swimming. And we cannot see very well, and it is hard, but we keep swimming anyway. So, we become stuck in this swimming pattern. We keep going, because we think we have to. Indeed, we do not realise that there is one other possibility.

Because we can stop. Just for a moment. We have the possibility of going out of the water. Once we are there, we can take a deep breath and look around. This allows us to ask the good questions.

Where am I? And where am I going?

Where do I really want to go? How? What do I want to do in order to arrive there?

The power of meditation

This is the power of meditation. Meditation is about making the decision to pause and listen. Anyone can decide to sit down for a moment, to take a deep breath. This is the only possibility to take the time, to look, listen and feel. Where am I now? How does my body feel?

We all have this power of saying “Stop! Let’s sit for a moment, and listen to my sensations. Does this feel right? Am I doing what I want to do?”. Then we can go again, but feeling much calmer. So start your practice right now!

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Meditation #4 : When meditate?
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