Meditation #5 : A short meditation

This video teaches a simple meditation exercise.

If you feel like you are lost in the multiple things you think you have to do, this exercise is for you! This meditation is short enough to be practiced anytime, anywhere. So, let’s press play and start now!

Reminder – finding your sitting posture

First, you need a comfortable sitting posture.

You can simply sit in Sukhasana, Put as many cushions as needed underneath your bum and knees.

If you are comfortable, you can sit in Siddhasana. Bring one foot between you chin and your tie.

If you are comfortable and super flexible, you can sit in Padmasana, the famous lotus posture!

This does not feel comfortable? Well, do not worry! You can of course sit on a chair. Try having both feet planted on the ground.

The hands can be resting on the legs, palms down.

Meditation exercise

Then, once you are sitting comfortably, you can maybe start closing your eyes. Take your time to connect with your own body.
How does your body feel right now?

Can you maybe notice places which are a bit tensed?
Take time to feel the ground. Maybe you can feel the contact pelvis, sit bones with your cushion or your chair.
You can also start feeling the contact of the air with your skin, and your clothes.
Notice the texture, the temperature.
Stay with these sensations.

Then you can bring attention to your breath. Simply notice the air coming in, and leaving your body. How does it feel?

When you inhale, you can imagine all the space within your body. When you exhale, just visualise any tension and waste leaving your body.
Stay with your breath for a moment. If thoughts come just let them go by bringing your attention back to your breath.

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Meditation #5 : A short meditation
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