Yoga #10 : Neck exercise

This video teaches the neck exercise for beginners in yoga.

The neck exercise is excellent to relax your neck / throat / shoulders area.

Neck exercise – what is important

This exercise is pretty simple. What is very important is that you connect with your sensations. Listen to your body, and keep breathing! Again, it is not about shape, but about what you feel. Indeed, this exercise is great for your neck, but also your spine, shoulders, and your concentration! 

Neck exercise – finding your sitting posture

First you need a comfortable sitting posture.

You can simply sit in Sukhasana, Put as many cushions as needed underneath your bum and knees.

If you are comfortable, you can sit in Siddhasana. Bring one foot between you chin and your tie.

If you are comfortable and super flexible, you can sit in Padmasana, the famous lotus posture!

I this does not feel comfortable, do not worry! You can of course sit on a chair. Try having both feet planted on the ground.

Neck exercise – what to do

First, slowly release the weight of your skull. Head is going forwards but super slowly. The neck, spine is getting longer and longer. Sense the sensations and resonance in the rest of your body. Then, gently come back and keep going up to the sky. Don’t force anything, just create some space withing your throat and your chest. Stay connected with your breath. 

Slowly come back, and repeat this action. First allow the gravity to do its job, releasing the weight of your skull slowly. Be open to any sensation, stay connecting with your whole body. Come back, and keep going up to the sky. Come back. 

Then, you can start looking to the right, slowly. There, listen to your sensations. Come back, and look to the left. Also listen to the resonance of this simple movement in your spine, your shoulders. Come back. 

Finally, bring your right ear towards your right shoulder. Breathe, and don’t force anything. Come back. Repeat this action to the left shoulder. Breathe. Come back.

To conclude, take all the time you need before going out of the pose. You can lie down in Savasana, the relaxation pose, or go back to your everyday life. You can also practice the legs exercise!

Listen to this exercise here!!! To learn more about yoga and start your practice, have a look at Body Mind Co videos on Youtube, or book your yoga session.

Yoga #10 : Neck exercise
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