Yoga #9 : Eyes exercise

This video teaches the eyes exercise for beginners in yoga.

The eyes exercise is excellent to work with the eyes’ muscles. This is something we are not use to practice. And it has many benefits. This helps to keep your eyes healthy. Especially if you need glasses!

Eyes exercise – what is important

This exercise is pretty simple. What is very important is that you connect with your sensations. Listen to your body, and keep breathing! Again, it is not about shape, but about what you feel. This exercise stimulates your eyes, but also your concentration.

Eyes exercise – finding your sitting posture

First, you need a comfortable sitting posture.

You can simply sit in Sukhasana, Put as many cushions as needed underneath your bum and knees.

If you are comfortable, you can sit in Siddhasana. Bring one foot between you chin and your tie.

If you are comfortable and super flexible, you can sit in Padmasana, the famous lotus posture!

I this does not feel comfortable, do not worry! You can of course sit on a chair. Try having both feet planted on the ground.

Eyes exercise – what to do

First, for this exercise, remove your glasses and lens if you can. Close your eyes and completely relax your face. Connect with your body sensations, your breath. 

Then open the eyes and look forward. First look up. Then look down, up, down… six times. Look forward, then close your eyes and relax. Again, connect with your body, your breath. 

Now, open the eyes and look forwards. Move your eyeballs to the right, then to the left. Repeat this six times. Close the eyes and relax. Here, your face is without tensions. Breathe. 

Then, you can repeat this diagonally. First look up right, down left, five times. Look forward and close your eyes to release. Repeat this looking up left, down right for five times. Relax. 

Finally, you can draw circles with your eyes, passing through every point like a clock. Do 2 circles, look forward before closing your eyes and relaxing. Repeat this the other way around. Close your eyes.

To end, relax completely your face’s muscles. Rub your hands to create warms. Then put your hands in front of your eyes, to create two mini dark rooms. Enjoy the warmth spreading. 

Take all the time you need before removing your hand, and go back to your everyday life. You can also practice the neck exercise!

Listen to this exercise here!!! To learn more about yoga and start your practice, have a look at Body Mind Co videos on Youtube, or book your yoga session.

Yoga #9 : Eyes exercise
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