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Body Mind Co: A new yoga for women, hormones and menopause.

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How can yoga help women?

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Yoga helps with symptoms women can experience during, but also before and after the menopause.

– mood swings, tiredness, stress and anxiety due to hormones –

– stiff joints, osteoporosis, arthritis –

– digestive issues, weight gain –

Because practicing gentle yoga will help to:

*Calm your nervous system down, so reduce your stress and what comes with it.

*Sleep better, feel rested and relaxed.

*Mobilise your joints, reinforce your bones and muscles to prevent arthritis / osteoporosis.

*Reduce fat in the belly (and reduce the risks of heart attack that comes with it).

*Stimulate your digestion, so you can go to the loo much more easily.

Yoga for women London

So what can you do to support your body, as a woman ?

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Start a gentle movement practice.
Try meditation.
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Change your eating habits.

That’s what we are going to introduce in these videos, on social medias and in my classes.

Of course, if you are experiencing symptoms which make your life challenging it is always good to seek help from your doctor, a specialist or someone you trust.

Don’t forget.

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You can book your own, private gentle yoga class which I completely adapt to your needs.

You can also come to the group online class on Saturday mornings, and pay cheaper if you come with you mum, daughter or a friend.

Take care of your body. You are unique, and you deserve it.

Body Mind Co: A new yoga for women, hormones and menopause.​
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