Do you feel like you can't escape the stiffness in your body / your mind?

Video: How to escape stiffness in the body / the mind?

Have you tried at least one gentle yoga exercise without leaving your chair / sofa? Or maybe not…

stiffness in the body and mind
Sometimes, it feels like we can't escape the stiffness of our body.

We want to either do a lot, or do nothing.

So if we feel like we can’t commit to work on freeing tensions every single day or with a full hour yoga class…


Like, what's the point of doing just a 5 minutes easy exercise?
So, have you? Have you practice one of this month's exercise for 5 min, from your chair?

Because easing your body can be easy.

Maybe it’s just about getting more flexible in your mind.

Chair yoga
If you haven't done it, let's do this now. Pick one.

Did you know?

1- All the exercises this month were made to be practiced from your chair.

2- I give more free material on social medias – check it out!

3- You can book your own private yoga session, which I adapt to your body and needs, online or in London! You can also share the session with a friend.

4- I teach one free, online, collective yoga class the last Saturday of each month! 

And next week, there is going to be big, amazing, changes for Body Mind Co.

13- How to escape stiffness in your body / mind?
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