Do you feel stressed? A little bit nervous? Would you like a gentle yoga exercise for this without leaving your chair / sofa?

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What is the alternate nostril breathing?

stress breathing
The alternate nostril breathing balances your energy.

In yoga philosophy, it is said that we have 72000 nadis. They are the canals in which our vital energy, the Prana, circulate.

Your energy can become unbalanced, especially with stressful ways of life, what you eat, drink, smoke, pollution…

So when you practice the alternate nostril breathing, also called Anuloma Viloma, you balance your energies. 

Calming your nervous system down.

This allows you to calm your nervous system down. 

This is why it can be great for anxiety, or in the evening before going to bed.

alternate nostril breathing

The alternate nostril breathing exercise for stress

For this exercise, take your time to sit down comfortably. If you are on a chair / sofa try to have both feet on the ground, to keep space for your spine. 

Exercise 1: Practicing Vishnu mudra
Stress breathing

First, bring your right hand in vishnu mudra, in which your index finger and middle finger touch the root of your thumb. You can exerce a gentle pressure, without pressing too much.

breathing exercise

Practice pressing your right thumb to your right nostril, and breathing only through your left nostril.

gentle yoga women

Then practice pressing your right two last fingers to your left nostril, practicing breathing through the right only.

Exercise 2: The alternate nostril breathing
breathing exercise

Pressing your right nostril, exhale through the left. Inhale slowly through the left.

stress alternate nostril breathing

Only if this is comfortable, you can hold the breath a moment. The right shoulder stays nice and easy.

gentle yoga women

Open your right thumb, to slowly exhale through the right. Inhale through the right.

stress alternate nostril breathing

Hold the breath.

breathing exercise

Slowly exhale through the left. 

You can repeat this exercise, counting slowly to 4 when you inhale, holding the breath (if you can only) to 8, slowly exhaling to 8. 

Take your time to practice it, it might take a little bit of time for you to get comfortable. 

When you are done, relax your arms, inhale deeply, and exhale slowly through your nose.

I hope you feel great in your body now.

Did you know?

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Take care of your body, and see you soon!

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