Do you have a stiff neck? Some tensions there? Would you like a gentle yoga exercise without leaving your chair / sofa?

Video: stiff neck

A little bit of anatomy: the neck

Back neck cervicals
1. We have 7 cervical vertebrae and we want to keep the space in between.

Our 7 cervical vertebrae want to breathe, and keep a little bit of space between each other.

2. Look at where the occipital bone of the skull meets the spine.

We tend to forget that our skull meet our spine so high, because of the jaw. But the jaw is a separate bone, and we can here notice how high our spine goes.

cervicals side view skeleton
3- We also have 26 neck muscles, at the back, but also coming to the sides and the front.

We sometimes think our neck is only at the back. This is wrong, our muscles also connect with our sides and front! 

And we often create tensions in these muscles, because of screens or not moving enough. So let’s free that!

Stiff neck exercises

Exercise 1: Head floating up and down
Neck stiffness exercise

First, make sure you are standing with both feet on the ground. Your pelvis is grounding. Your head is very light on top of your spine, so your spine can gently decompress. 

Freeing neck tensions

Gently allow your head to fall down, taking your time. Don’t force, stay where you are comfortable (otherwise you’ll just create more tensions). Breathe.

My neck is stiff

And slowly, your head is coming back and flying slightly up (keeping your neck nice and long).

You can repeat this exercise slowly and continuously twice, and then relax.

Exercise 2: Head floating side to side
Neck stiffness exercise

Again, your head is very light on top of your spine, so your spine can gently decompress. Notice or imagine the space you have already created between your cervical vertebrae.

Gentle yoga for tensions

Gently allow your head to float to your right side. Do the movement gradually.

Yoga for elderly

Slowly coming back, your head keeps going to the left, getting lighter and lighter.

You can repeat this exercise slowly and continuously twice, and then relax.

Exercise 3: To finish with, very gently...
Yoga somatics

Allow your right hear to come a little bit closer to your right shoulder. It doesn’t have to be much! Gently breathing there.

Yoga in London

Then do the same to the left. Again, pushing will do more harm than good, and this movement can be very small.

Breathe there for 15 seconds each side. Try not to push or compress anything.

I hope you feel great in your body now.

Did you know?

1- These exercises are inspired from my yoga training, but also from what I learn with somatic practices – breathing and listening to the body rather than forcing or pushing. 

2- All the exercises this month can be practices sitting down on your chair, sofa, or bed. You’re welcome.

3- I give more free material on social medias – check it out!

4- You can book your own private yoga session, which I adapt to your body and needs, online or in London! You can also share the session with a friend.

5- I teach one free, online, collective yoga class per month! So be ready for Saturday 29th of May 2021, 11AM London time. 

Take care of your body, and see you soon!

11- Stiff neck… aïe aïe aïe ! Yoga from your sofa.
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