Is your body feeling stiff from sitting, and screens?

It’s OK.

Let's just take a moment for your body.

Discover 6 simple steps to take care of your body

without leaving your chair

in less than 10 minutes.

Your body only needs some attention and gentle movement. And your brain, too!

Less than 10 minutes. 

Give it a try?

1- Take a moment to listen to your body. Press play. (2 min)

This is the most important part. Bringing awareness to your body and feelings. Don’t miss it!

2- Breathe. No, I mean, really. (1 min)

Breathing in yoga

Breathe in counting to 4. 

Gentle yoga at work
Breathing out yoga

Breathe out counting to 8.

Repeat 3 times.

3- Gently and slowly move your head. Your skull is very light, floating. (2 min)

Up and down twice…

Gentle yoga at work

and side to side twice.

4- Slowly move your pelvis, the spine going along for the ride. (1 min)

Pelvis yoga London


Gentle yoga at work
Pelvis stiffness

to back

Repeat 3 times.

And side to side, 3 times.

5- Wake the bones of your skull up with raindrop tapping. (2 min)

Starting at the top of your skull, then at the back and around your ears. 

Gently on your face (forehead, cheeks, jaw).

On your your cervical spine and neck. 

Finishing on your sternum.

6- Finish with self touch (hands melting on your skin), open your body. (2 min)

Lightly touching your face, brushing down.

Resting your hands at the back of your skull.

Lightly touching your neck.

Finishing on your heart, staying, breathing.

Notice how your body feels.

And always, always love your body.

You are unique.

Do you want to connect with your body even more?

1- You can book your own private yoga class, designed for your body, in London or online. 

2- You can subscribe to the freebie to get new exercises weekly for free.

3- You can follow me on social medias for other tips!

4- For any other demand (group class, or anything) feel free to contact me here.

Is your body feeling stiff from sitting and screens?
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