Yoga #3 : Relaxation

This video introduces relaxation in yoga.

Relaxation is active. In order to relax, you have to actively think about it, without forcing it.

Relaxation part 1: contract and release

First you will start contracting and relaxing body parts.

Start lying on the ground in Savasana, the relaxation pose. In Savasana, feet are wider than the pelvis, palms up. When you inhale, start lifting your right leg a tiny bit and tense. Then, exhale and relax. Do the same with your left leg. Then inhale and lift your pelvis from the ground, contract your bum. Exhale and relax. Inhale and lift your chest, put your shoulder blades closer together. Exhale and relax. Inhale, make fists with your hands and bring your shoulders closer to your face. Tense, and exhale and relax. Inhale and spread your hands, fingers. Stretch your arms. Exhale and relax. Finally, inhale and tense your face. For this, contract all your face muscles towards your nose. When you exhale, stretch your face. Put your tongue out, look up. Relax.

Relaxation part 2: autosuggestion

For this part of the relaxation, you will mentally suggest to relax your body. This is almost as a body scan. You can repeat mentally the following sentences. “My feet are relaxed. I relax my chins, thighs. My pelvis is relaxed. I relax my spine, lower back, middle back upper back. Shoulder blades and shoulders become relaxed. My arms, my hands, relaxed. I relax my abdomen and my chest. My throat, neck and head are relaxed. I relax my face: forehead, eyebrow, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth, tongue, jaw. My organs become more and more relaxed: my sexual organs, digestive system, lungs, heart, brain. Everything in my body is completely relaxed.

Relaxation part 3: mental image

Finally, you can create a mental image. For example, just imagine a cloud of light coming in your body, going into each cell. This white light creates more space within your body, for harmony, peace and love. Then, stay with this image for the next few minutes.

Listen to the relaxation exercise here!!! To learn more about yoga and start your practice, have a look at Body Mind Co videos on Youtube, or book your yoga session.

Yoga #3 : Relaxation
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