Yoga #4 : Legs exercise

This video introduces the yoga legs exercise.

The legs exercise is great to warm the body, and prepare for the shoulder stand pose.

One leg exercise

Start lying down on your back, feet together. Hands are next to your pelvis, palms down. Toes are pointing to the sky.

Inhale and send your right leg far forwards and up to 90°. Exhale and slowly bring your right leg down. Repeat this with your left leg, then right, left. This time, lift your right leg up and catch your tie with both hands. Breathe and stay there for a moment. When you inhale, imagine all the space within your body. When you exhale, become more comfortable in the stretch. Stay a few breaths, and then release your hands. Bring your leg back down. You can repeat this action with your left leg. Again, the clue is to breathe and listen to your body sensations.

If this is too hard:

You can do this exercise with the opposite leg bent. So, you can bend your left leg, with the foot on the floor. Hands are close to your body, palms down. Inhale and push with your hands and your left foot to help yourself lifting your right leg. Repeat this three times. The last time, catch your tie with your hands and stay there, breathing, for a moment. You can repeat this with your left leg.

You can return to Savasana, the relaxation pose. Feel your body, listen to the sensations. Be curious.

Then you can do the yoga legs exercise for both legs. This is a good core exercise:

Two legs together

Again, the legs are touching, toes to the sky. Your hands are close to your body, palms down. Push with your hands and from your core send your feet far forward and up. Stay at 90°. Then help yourself with your hands to send your feet forward and back down. Repeat this 6 times.

If this is too hard:

You can do the same exercise with your legs bent, feet on the ground. This helps you to protect your lower back.

You can practice this exercise here!!! To learn more about yoga and start your practice, have a look at Body Mind Co videos on Youtube, or book your yoga session.

Yoga #4 : Legs exercise
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