Yoga #2 : Breath

This video introduces how to breathe in yoga.

Breathe in yoga: find your sitting posture

To breathe, in yoga, you need a comfortable sitting posture.

You can simply sit in Sukhasana, Put as many cushions as needed underneath your bum and knees.

If you are comfortable, you can sit in Siddhasana. Bring one foot between you chin and your tie.

If you are comfortable and super flexible, you can sit in Padmasana, the famous lotus posture!

I this does not feel comfortable, do not worry! You can of course sit on a chair. Try having both feet planted on the ground.

Three ways to breathe

The clavicular breathing is when you “only breathe in your upper body”. When you only breath there, it is not so good. Your body cannot exchange dioxygen and waste easily.

The thoracic breathing is when you “only breathe in your ribcage”. Again, this is not ideal.

The abdominal breathing is the best of those three options. When you inhale, your lungs get bigger. As a consequence, your diaphragm pushes the organs down. They fill your belly. This is why your belly is going out. When you exhale, your diaphragm relaxes and your belly comes back in.

Try to put one hand on your belly, and breathe deep down in your abdomen. Feel your belly going out. This is because your diaphragm is pushing your organs. Stay there and play with this for a few breaths.

Full yogic breath

To breathe in yoga, you use the 3 breaths together. When you inhale, you first send the air in your abdomen, but then in your thoracic space and your clavicles. When you exhale, just try to empty the lungs completely. The full yogic breath is excellent for the body.

Put one hand on your belly, one on your chest. Inhale and feel (and fill!) your abdomen, ribcage, and your clavicles. Stay and play with your breathing for a moment.

Breathing is vital. Poor breathing really affects us, so don’t hesitate to practice!


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Yoga #2 : Breath
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