Positive thinking #2 : the Wheel again

The positive thinking Wheel, again?

Just remember the 6 parts of the Wheel in positive thinking:

  1. Circumstance
  2. Perception
  3. Thought
  4. Feeling
  5. Action
  6. Result
the wheel positive thinking

Now, let’s answer the following questions:

Why a Wheel?

Well, because a wheel… turns. One thing leads to another, the perception leads to the thoughts, then to the feeling, action, result… which will lead to a new circumstance! The circle never ends. And the direction is going to have a big impact over our life.

What is the purpose of the Wheel?

The Wheel allows us to be aware of the power we have over our lives. What can we change? What impact can we have on our results? We cannot change the circumstance, but we can totally work with our way to perceive, think, feel and act. Realising this power allows us to be able to use it.

How can we use the Wheel?

When we don’t feel very comfortable, and we do not understand why, it may be worth having a look at our Wheel. Without judgement, just notice. What is the circumstance? My perception? Thoughts that I am having right now? Feelings I can sense? What action did I take to arrive at this result? And then, just consider changing one part of the Wheel. What if I perceive it like this? Or change slightly my thought? What if I accept my feeling and decide to work with it rather than resisting it?

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Positive thinking #2 : the Wheel again
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