Positive thinking #4 : Thoughts – introduction

What are your thoughts? This video is a short introduction to positive thinking and thoughts.

Positive thinking - thoughts :

In the previous videos, we have worked with our positive thinking tool: the Wheel. The Wheel explains the power we have over our lives, how we can work on our perception.

Can you hear sometimes this little voice in your head? Or these little voices ? They are your thoughts.

However, most of our thinking is unconscious1. This means than we are not necessarily aware of our thoughts, which can become an issue.

When we repeat a thought again and again, it might transform into a belief. A belief is a sentence we think as true, even if we created it. When the belief is not empowering, it can definitely lead to painful and uncomfortable feelings.

This is why it is important to “spy our thinking”. Just take the time to listen to what is happening in your head, and notice these sentences that are present.

A good tool to pay attention to your thinking is to write down your thoughts in a journal. Meditation is another way to observe and take some distance from your thinking. Then you become aware that there are just thoughts that you created for yourself, and it becomes possible to change them. You would then want to entertain useful thoughts and beliefs, such as “Everything is possible”, or “I am sure I can do this”…

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Positive thinking #4 : Thoughts – introduction
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