Positive thinking #5 : Feelings – introduction

How do you feel? This video is a shot introduction to positive thinking and feelings.

Positive thinking - feelings:

In the previous videos, we have worked with our positive thinking tool: the Wheel. The Wheel explains the power we have over our lives, how we can work on our perception and thoughts.

A feeling is described as an emotion, connected with physical sensations1. A feeling is felt in the body.

There are three ways of dealing with feelings:

  • One can resist feelings and try fighting them.
  • One can also avoid feelings, using “false pleasure” such as eating when not hungry, drinking, taking drugs… to be distracted from the sensations.
  • Accepting any feeling and working from there.

Accepting feelings is the only sustainable possibility, as it will always come back at some point, even in the form of a physical pain or illness.

Feelings are natural. It is very important to learn to accept them, to pay attention to the physical sensations. You can then become so much stronger, learning to work with your feelings rather than against them.

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Positive thinking #5 : Feelings – introduction
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