Positive thinking #6 : Actions – introduction

What actions do you take? This video is a shot introduction to our positive thinking actions.

Positive thinking - actions:

In the previous videos, we have worked with our positive thinking tool: the Wheel. The Wheel explains the power we have over our lives, how we can work on our perception, thoughts, feelings, to then take proper action and create the results that we want.

Any action will lead to a result. This is called the Law of Karma in yoga. Anything leads to a consequence.

This is why it is very important to act wisely. We can create any result that we want with massive actions.

While working with positive thinking and actions, I usually work with:

  • Values: how can we choose our values? How can it help us to make decisions?
  • Goals: how can we choose long-term goals and plan them? How can we can divide them into short-term goals, and then into steps we need to take in order to accomplish them?
  • Time: how can we manage our time to be efficient with our actions? What can we delegate? How can we apply deadlines? How can we stop wasting time?

This is going to be developed in future videos.

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Positive thinking #6 : Actions – introduction
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