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Ever heard of "somatic practices" before? I wouldn't, without dance.

BUT. If you feel shit in your body. Or if you struggle to connect with it. These practices can CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.

Video: Somatics and slow movements – the new sexy

Women and their body

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If you are a woman, you might feel very judgmental towards your body. Think you should be more beautiful, skinnier, different.

And this can be emphasized if you are going through the menopause, in which your body is completely changing.

We have learnt to LOOK at our body.

We haven't learnt to FEEL, and trust our body.

See where the problem is?

We think our body should be a certain way. And when it isn’t, we get frustrated.

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Today, I want you to discover the beauty of being connected to your body.

I want you to discover somatic practices.

And then, after this simple practice, you will feel so much better.

Somatic practices: become one with your body

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It will feel different.
You might struggle with it.
But please, try it. This really works.
Simply lie down on your back, in semi supine.
Notice the support of the ground.
The support of the breath.
And then, move SLOWLY. Super small, and slow movements. Slower. Smaller.
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women body love 5
You can press play for the video, at 6:22 to practice.

Don’t forget.

Yoga for menopause in London 2

You can book your own, private gentle yoga class for menopause, which I completely adapt to your needs.

You can also come to the group online class on Saturday mornings, and pay cheaper if you come with you mum, daughter or a friend.

There is more about movement, body and menopause on social medias.

 And of course, if you are experiencing symptoms which make your life challenging it is always good to seek help from your doctor, a specialist or someone you trust.

Take care of your body. You are unique, and you deserve it.

Yoga for menopause in London
15- Discover somatic practices: the new sexy to connect with your body
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