Do you also have this kind of self-talk:
crazy creative self
your crazy creative


your boring rational?
boring rational self

Video: Creative VS rational?

Just a short video to make fun of the brain,  the creative part which is cool but can be crazy/lazy, and the rational which can feel clever, but boring… And also a video to make fun of the doubts coming along for any journey – humbling part of human life!

I also wanted to congratulate my clients for their beautiful progresses these last weeks. When I see you doing movements you couldn’t do before, or feeling your body in new ways, there is a beauty I cannot put into words. Well done, yoga can definitely be life-changing.  

crazy creative self

And to learn to feel your body

come along!

You can also check my discoveries about movement and the body on social medias.

47- The two me (creative / rational)
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