christmas digestion yoga
Christmas (or December) is time to

eat and drink like there is no limit (ah?).

That's why your belly needs this.

Video: Christmas time, digestion... We need yoga.

To practice just after a big meal, or the following day – play with these poses!

After a big meal

On your knees.

During my yoga training, in a book, I discovered it was the best pose to digest. 

Not everyone is comfortable, so play with putting blankets under your feet or your pelvis. 

And your belly will say thanks!

digestion after big meal
pose to digest

Let’s be frogs.

Aaaah this famous one. I hate it, but I also know my organs like it. And some people feel really comfortable there, so why not give it a go? 

Careful: you might want to warm up slightly before, especially for your hips. Just move your pelvis, free your legs, and let’s get down. 

Or just stand / walk.

Oh yes – this might be my favorite one. After a big meal, my body wants to go for a walk! It can be slow (especially after a few drinks), but this creates space and movement for your organs to be free and massaged at the same time. Well, in my imagination at least.

christmas food drink

2 hours later / the following day

Make space for your organs!

It’s time to lie down, not to watch Netflix in a random pose, but in the beloved Alexander Technique pose. Just close your eyes, bring a little bit of your attention to your pelvis, your belly, and imagine it becomes so spacious everything can relax. 

I love it!

I ate too much

And of course, don’t go to extremes with over-eating or over-drinking, especially if your body reacts strongly to excess (note to myself). See you on the other side.

digestion christmas yoga
digestion christmas yoga
Eline Peres

And to have fun, I want to invite you to

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