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Have you ever tried a ballet class?

I started at 5. I loved it, then I hated it.

Now, ballet is back - with yoga.

Video: Ballet and yoga - is it possible?

So, what do you think? Want to try ballet and have a good laugh?

Why did I hate ballet?

Nooooooo I don’t want to gooooo…

That was me during my dance training, when I had a ballet class. Depending on the teacher, ballet would 

make me so stiff – and I just could not do it.

I could see my body in the mirror, trying to do well and struggling, sweating, beating myself up. 

Ballet was – to me – something superficial, based on shapes and forms, and only for a certain body type – which was not mine. 

The only thing I enjoyed was the jumping – this, I could do well.

yoga and ballet

Why do I love it now?

The best teacher ever, Hubert Essakow

was the only one in which I would feel great afterwards. My body could feel spacious, taller, and breathing. 

Hubert was working from the sensations, from inside, with an open-mind and curiosity – and humour!!! – I enjoyed so much. 

So yes, I changed my mind. 

I connect ballet with yoga, and it feels great.

How to practice…

The goal, like with yoga, is I think to learn to sense rather than “do well”. 

How can I be with my body, sense my muscles, bones, and the ground to create some space and release my tensions? 

And the most important: how can I make it fun?

dance improvisation
Gentle yoga
Gentle yoga
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And to have fun, I want to invite you to

get on a beautiful journey with me.

You can also check my discoveries about movement and the body on social medias.

40- Ballet and yoga – what???
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