Are you more interested in practicing yoga...

1. in a group class?

2. alone, at home?

Video: Yoga alone, good? Bad? Why?

So, what do you think? Want to give yoga alone a try?

Yoga in a group, the + and the –

Yoga in a group: the +

  • It can be really motivating to practice with others.
  • You can get inspired by the group, and maybe discover new approaches to yoga. 
  • You build trust with other students and the teacher, and beautiful connections can emerge from there.

Yoga in a group: the –

  • It is easy to start comparing yourself with others.
  • Appearance can get into the practice (clothes, aesthetic of the poses…).
  • You can start judging yourself, or others.
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Yoga alone, the + and the –

Yoga alone: the +

  • No possibility to judge or compare yourself with anyone. 
  • You build a trust towards your body. 
  • You learn to assess your own needs and what feels important.

Yoga alone: the –

  • It might be hard to get started. 
  • If you don’t have a teacher, you might get lost or hurt yourself.
  • You need to have the discipline to set a time and space.

It’s your choice.

We are all so different. We have different bodies, different desires and needs. 

So please, decide what feels good. Practicing yoga in a group, alone, or not at all is your own choice.

Eline Peres
yoga alone
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