get lucky
- I got the flat of my dreams.

- I think it's Karma.

- What?

Video: Yoga and Karma - are you that lucky?

Yes, it is 100% a belief. 

But I find the practice of Karma fascinating AND hilarious

And I got the flat of my dreams so –  hey – why not?

What is Karma?

From our dear friend Wikipedia, Karma is “action, work, or deed. The term also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect (…) wherein intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).”

So Karma is this idea that

if you give something good, you will receive something good in return. 

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But what is good?

I think it’s important to define what is “good” or “bad”, because we don’t want to create guilt or suffering or this horrible perfectionism which can prevent us from doing.

We can all find our way to define it, but for me, doing something good is simply doing my best:

  • Be compassionate to other
  • Smile to someone
  • Try my best in anything I do

And some days, my best is going to be a bit shit. 

Doing something bad, for me again, is not giving my best. And I know when I don’t give my best. I can feel it in my body, and guilt and shame coming along, too!

Karma is a belief – use it!

Of course, beliefs are completely subjective. I have always been super rational, until I realized how much beliefs could serve me to improve my life. 

Believing in something like Karma : 

  1. Is fun
  2. Helps me to show up as my best self
  3. Helps me to grow and improve
  4. Helps me to accept that sometimes, my “good” sucks, but if the intention is there, it’s kind of OK.
karma in yoga
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And to have fun, I want to invite you to

get on a beautiful journey with me.

You can also check my discoveries about movement and the body on social medias.

38- Sooooo lucky!!! Yoga and Karma
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