COVID yoga
1. I got CoVID.

2. Yoga helped me with self-isolation.

3. Here are the 3 lessons I learned.

1, 2, 3... Video: Yoga and CoVID???

First of all, let me tell you: I am aware that I was very lucky…

  • I had few symptoms.
  • I had a place to isolate. 
  • I had yoga.

I know it was / can be much harder for some of you. Now, here are 3 lessons I learned with this and yoga…

Lesson 1: Acceptance

As many human beings, I sometimes struggle to give in to reality. I want to resist the circumstances, as if there were not happening (let’s get blind!). 

Something that I learned with yoga, and I could apply here is how not to spend time arguing with reality. 

Because once we have accepted it, we can go forward and stop waisting our precious time on earth. YES.

free tensions yoga

Lesson 2: Listening (to my body)

When we are unwell is often when we realize how important it is to listen to the body, and what it tells us (a bit late sometimes)…

My body needed:

  • sleep
  • healthy food
  • more gentle yoga

I said OK, and it was very, very happy.

Lesson 3: Being in the now

Lately, I was getting very “busy”, also in my head, focusing about the futur and all its potential problems. I had no time.

Well, now I had time. I had 10 days without going out, and enough energy as my symptoms faded away quickly. 

So I took the time. I did the stuff I was pushing away. I came back to the present moment, and what was important to me.

self isolation
self isolation
self isolation
dance improvisation

And to have fun, I want to invite you to

get on a beautiful journey with me.

You can also check my discoveries about movement and the body on social medias.

37- CoVID and yoga…???
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