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Do you really know

your body?

Video: Playing with... your body anatomy

We often don’t really know how we are… made. What is inside us? We can see the skin, but then?

Lately, with my private clients, we have been playing with looking at 3D models and images of our body.

It has been quite hilarious.

If you have time… I recommend. 

free tensions yoga

Being curious and playful with my own body and anatomy helped me feel free my tensions.

This is why I love practicing yoga slowly, with a meditative approach. If I take the time, then I can listen to my sensations, and imagine different parts of my body getting released. And it just happens.

It might feel a little bit weird, but taking the time to:

  • look at images
  • close the eyes and visualise
  • try to feel the different parts of the body

can be life changing.

Private gentle yoga
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And to have fun, I want to invite you to

get on a beautiful journey with me.

You can also check my discoveries about movement and the body on social medias.

36- Play with… your body anatomy
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