We don't have the same body.

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You don't need the same kind of :
- food
- sleep
- sport
- therapy
- yoga
than your friends. Have you noticed that?

Video: Your body, your yoga

Your body, your yoga

Your body will always be different.


I already knew it, but this book explains it a scientific, non-refutable way. For example:

  1. We don’t have the same number of bones / muscles.
  2. We all have very different bones (shape, size, weight).
  3. Our organs are located in different places.
  4. It is actually very hard to measure all of this, because we can’t see where the bone ends, where the ligament starts… The whole body is so connected.

It depends on your DNA, the environment you grew up in, your way of life…

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We will have different ways of standing, different ways of seating, or moving. And it is completely 


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So let’s relax about that.

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Stop trying to copy someone (even your yoga teacher!)
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In private classes, I always tell my ladies:

Don’t try to copy me or get the perfect pose. 

Listen to your own body and sensations, because there will be different from mine!

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Today’s exercise:

Start exploring and getting to know your body – alone.

Try to forget what you have learned about the body, or pictures you have seen. Here are two simple practices:

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Naked exercise 

  • If you can get naked and look at your body in the mirror, keeping an open mind and some curiosity, practice that. Take your time to discover your body.

Dance exercise 

  • Now, naked or with clothes, put your favorite song, and dance. Like, really, enjoy yourself. Enjoy your body moving. There is no good or bad, just freedom.

And before we finish… Next time you practice yoga, or any kind of activity, here are some questions to ask yourself:

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  • How does my body feel right now?
  • How is my skin touching the ground? My clothing?
  • What little adjustment can I make to feel more comfortable?
  • How is my breath?

Breath is always a good indicator of how your body feels. If you can’t breath, ask yourself why!

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