"You will never be able to do this."

negative self talk
Do you speak to yourself like this? How often?
Because this is called negative self-talk.
And I hear this way too often. That's why people don't want to start new practices like yoga.
Today, I want you to speak to yourself with respect.

Video: Stop your negative self-talk: respect your body

No: they are not doing much better than you.

michelle obama becoming

During this summer, I read the autobiography of Michelle Obama, Becoming.

I love when people dare to share their story. Because they are often brave enough to share their doubts, failures and vulnerability as much as their success.

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They show that we are all human beings. Sometimes, we fall. Sometimes, we can also do great things, too!

So, trust yourself when you create new goals, or when you start something new.

Can you speak to yourself like...

You were speaking to a friend?

If your closest friend started something new, like yoga, what would you say to her?

You would probably encourage her, tell her how brave she is and that you are so excited to see her progress.

be kind to yourself
private yoga classes

It might be challenging, but could you do the same with yourself, and with your body?

Yes, you are doing great.

I believe in you.

I am so proud of you.

It’s OK, just keep going my love.

respect yourself

Anyway. Here is today’s exercise:

Today, I want you to write a letter to yourself. A very kind letter, as if you were speaking to a friend who just started something new and uncomfortable. 

Put your letter in an envelop. When you feel very self-judgmental, just read your letter.

be kind to yourself
menopause stiff shoulders

It’s like you are holding your own hand, so you can go much further.

Yoga menopause London

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28- Stop your negative self-talk: respect your body
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