"Today, I feel like sh*t."

how to feel better menopause
Maybe you woke up and heard a bad new.
Then you dropped your coffee.
You fell and hurt your knee.
And you thought: it's going to be a long, long, day.

Video: I feel sh*t today, what can I do?

Some days we don't feel good. And that's it.

shit day

There is no point arguing. 

Some days we feel great. Some days, we don’t. 

As my favorite coach Brooke Castillo explains, it’s always 50-50.

yoga when feeling shit

So OK, today is not so good. But let’s ask the good question. When the mood is not so high… 

what can we do from there?

The teaching of Abraham: going to a neutral place

I want to introduce you to the teaching of Abraham.

If you didn’t hear about Esther and Jerry Hicks, it is going to feel weird. 

Have a look at their website, but let’s just say that they got some teaching from “entities”, and these are called Abraham.

teadching of abraham esther and jerry hicks
abraham hicks

That’s how they started to teach the law of attraction,

and coach people to help them feel better. What I want to take from them is, when I feel like sh*t, rather than trying to go to a high place, I simply go to a very

neutral, meditative place.

Today’s exercise:

So today, I want you to be gentle with yourself. Just lie on your back. You can have a book under your head, your feet on the ground.

And just take a moment to… be. 

That’s it. Feel the ground. Feel your breath. Allow yourself to be.

Yoga easy

And if you are like me, you might, then, feel a little bit better.

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