"I don't like my body."

I thought this was specific to the world of dance.
Then, I realized it was very present for women going through menopause, too.
Then, I realized this, or part of this was true for all the women.

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Can you say that you love your body?
That you wouldn't change any part of it?


I would love to answer “yes” to this question. Unfortunately, I can’t.

And it’s not just me. This summer, I spoke with so many amazing, beautiful women. Getting deeper, I realized not one single woman felt very confident, and secure, about her body.


Walking in a bikini, at the beach, I felt vulnerable and exposed, and that people were judging my body. 

And I know this is even more present for women who are seeing their body changing, with menopause or anything related to hormones, health or habit.

I think body shame is… such a shame! 

We all have very different bodies anyway. And we have one life (I don’t go into reincarnation yet…). 

So why not just enjoy it?

Ask yourself the good questions.

I decided to use the teaching of Brooke Castillo, the most amazing life coach I know, who often says: 

Ask yourself the good question(s).

The one which will make you feel really, really good.

In this very moment, at the beach, my good question was:

What if I was the most beautiful woman on this planet, anyway? 

How would I feel about my body? How would I walk? And most important:

How would I take care of my body?


And I felt such a relief. People’s judgments did not matter so much. I didn’t have to change. I could simply be me, with my body. And I could love it.

Today’s exercise:

So today, I want you to take 2 minutes to answer this question: what is you were “elected” most beautiful woman of this planet? 

How would it feel? 

And how would you take care of your body?

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