Today, I want you to
have fun.
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Video: Yoga for menopause – move your pelvis

Moving your pelvis is good for menopause, as it helps

keeping your spine mobile,

creating space for your organs

and bringing fluid in your joints.

Be playful!

With all these exercises, you create health

but it is possible to create fun, too!

There is no right / wrong, you can play with this.

menopause have fun

Practice your pelvis dance and enjoy!

Yoga menopause London
Have a look at the video above to practice.
Even better: do this with a friend!

To get MORE

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Get on a beautiful journey with me.

Book your own, private gentle yoga class for menopause.

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There is more about movement, body and menopause on social medias.

Please if you need, seek help from your doctor, a specialist or someone you trust.

Your body is unique and beautiful. Love it.

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menopause body
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22- Move your pelvis
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