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Video: Yoga for menopause – constipation

Constipation and digestion

Menopause changes your metabolism.

And menopause also has an impact on your digestion, leading to possibly struggle with...
yoga menopause
yoga menopause london
Yoga for digestion

Luckily, yoga and breathing can really help to

stimulate the digestive system.

Many poses with yogic breathing can be a relief for that!

So again: start yoga now!

Practice: gentle torsion

gentle yoga
Yoga menopause London
Have a look at the video above to practice.
I love to do this exercise in the evening, before going to bed.

To get MORE

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Get on a beautiful journey with me.

Book your own, private gentle yoga class for menopause.

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There is more about movement, body and menopause on social medias.

Please if you need, seek help from your doctor, a specialist or someone you trust.

Your body is unique and beautiful. Love it.

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20- Yoga for menopause and constipation
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